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20 year old split unit
Duel Cap Change Out
Holding Vacuum
Radiant Tube Floor Heating
Radiant Floor Heating
Geothermal System with Radiant Floor

Residential HVAC & Geothermal Systems: Whether your home's AC unit isn't functioning or if you are looking for a quote on a radiant floor heating system for your new construction; at Ridge Properties we can help.

TELC Job - geothermal drilling
St. Pauls - Trenching in
We get dirty
Pressure checks
Fusing pipes
Lots of tubes
SAC install
Utility room
ground loop
Custom Mounting

Commercial HVAC & Geothermal Systems: Is your company's project or building too big for your local HVAC contractors but too small to hire an engineering firm and large construction firm?  Let Ridge Properties help!  We can improve your energy utilization and manage all aspects of your HVAC installation.  

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