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Dedication to Excellence

The company name, Ridge Properties, was chosen to carry on the torch of the entrepreneurial spirit that I saw in my father-in-law, who spent much of his working career to develop a reputable and thriving business.  I think that it is rare these days to find a company which meets or exceeds your expectations.  I struggle to find the same with products and services I purchase.  All too often I seem to pay too much and recieve too little.  I am making it a point to break this trend.  I want my customers to recieve the value and support that I personally would want for myself.  No matter what the issue or situation is, I want the people I serve to feel that they are getting the best possible service or product for their hard earned money, no exceptions!  

Who We Are

Ridge Properties is a small company of dedicated individuals.  Because we are a small company, each of our employees is empowered to make a difference.  

We are based just North of Pittsburgh, PA and work in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio.  We are licensed (PA126221), insured and can be bonded upon request.

Deeds not Words

My name is Edward, and I want to show you that companies don't have to be faceless entities out to swindle you.  Excellence, value, and good service can still exist without having to pay through the teeth for it.  


Let our efforts prove speak louder than our words!

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